Animals Available for Adoption

Updated June 2019

Rabbit Adoption

It’s great you are looking to adopt from us, thank you for choosing to rescue an animal, rather then buying one. Have you owned rabbits before? Bunnies are not ‘easy’ pets, and therefore we would recommend doing some research on them before committing to a 10 – 12 year commitment! 

We do not rehome rabbits to live alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind.  Our bunnies are available to adopt in pairs or as a match up to single/lonely/bereaved bunnies.

An adoption fee will be requested when adopting one of our deserving animals; this is needed to cover the cost of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis/VHD1 and VHD2, neutering, and some times other medical treatment. All adoption fees go directly back into the rescue and this helps towards the cost of more animals in need; we are a completely self funded rescue, and the adoption fee we charge for each rabbit, doesn’t even cover the full cost of neutering and vaccinating veterinary fees.

Please remember that contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make great pets for young children.  They can be difficult to handle and can bite at tiny fingers poked through bars thinking they are a tasty carrot.  However, as long as you are prepared for this and accept that you may end up doing all the cleaning out etc, there is no reason not to adopt rabbits as a family pet.   

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit/s please email us:


Rabbit Pairs Available:

Noah and Binky – In Foster Care – Available

Meet the duo, Binky and Noah 🐾
These two are husbun and wifebun aged 4-5 years old. They are both neutered and fully vaccinated.
Noah, the cheeky boy, can be a little hutch aggressive so we are looking for a home with a big amount of space. 
Both bunnies like to explore and enjoy showing off their funny characters!

This pair of buns have been with us for the longest, and deserve to find their loving furever home. 💜


Wonder and Dotty – In foster care – Available

Meet Wonder and Dotty, the mother-daughter duo!

Both girls are quite timid as they have had a difficult start in life, so we are looking for someone to be patient with them. Dotty is the more nervous bunny, but Wonder loves to explore.
These girls have recently been neutered and we are sure this will help with their temperament now it’s done. They are both already vaccinated.

Dotty and Wonder need some well-deserved love and attention, does anyone have the space and time for these lovely girls? 


Flora and Dora – In Foster Care – Reserved

Meet girls Flora and Dora!

These two came to us as very timid buns but now their confidence has grown and we are seeing their true lovely characters. They like to explore and go on adventures together, as well as cuddle/groom one another.
We are not certain of their age but think they are just over a year old. Both girls are spayed and fully vaccinated.
This gorgeous pair have been waiting to become part of a family, finally living in their furever home 


Charlie and Lola – In Foster Care – Available

Meet Charlie (daughter) and Lola (mummy) 

Charlie is 4 months and Lola is 7 months old.
This lovely duo came into us recently and are doing so well. Their confidence is growing and they love their foster homes garden. Both bunnies enjoy binkying, exploring and grooming each other.

This pair are fully vaccinated and soon to be spayed, then they will be ready to find their Furever Home 🐰🐰

Ghost, Luna and Spirit – In Foster Care – Reserved

Meet the tiny trio Ghost, Luna and Spirit!

These 3 girls are gorgeous Netherland dwarfs. Ghost and Spirit are both 1 and Luna is 2 years old. They love exploring, eating and sleeping together. All three love to groom and lie on top of each other.
They are spayed and fully vaccinated. Even though they are small rabbits, they still require lots of space to run, jump and play together.

Shadow and Night- In Foster Care – Available

Meet Shadow and Night!

These Netherland Dwarfs make a lovely duo. 
Shadow is 1 and Night is 2. They enjoy their food, playing and zooming around together.
Both are fully vaccinated, neutered and ready for their new home.

If you can offer these cute little bunnies a furever home please email us at

Marley and Ziggy- Main Rescue Centre – Reserved

🐰 Meet Ziggy (white) & Marley (black) 🐰

This pair are beautiful Rex rabbits, female, and just over a year old.
They have settled well into foster care and have really come out of their shell; Marley is super nosey and Ziggy is a little more cautious though enjoys bossing Marley about.
Both are very sweet natured and their fur is unbelievably soft! The girls are neutered, fully vaccinated and Ready for their new home!
Do you have the space for this wonderful duo? ❤️


Peter and Flopsy- In Foster Care- Reserved

Meet Peter and Flopsy!

This friendly pair of boys love roaming and exploring the garden. Their foster mum says “they’re used to lots of space and freedom. They can be picked up but scratch a bit when they see their hutch or run and are keen to get to it. They’re used to having children and other pets around”.

Peter and Flopsy are 5 months old, neutered and vaccinated. Can you offer these sweet boys a furever home? 


Single Male Rabbits Available:

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females).

Casper- Main Rescue Centre- Reserved

Meet Casper!

He is a 9 month old, New Zealand white. He is a very cuddly rabbit who loves to have head strokes, and enjoys binkying around the rescues garden.
Casper is very affectionate but he needs a wifebun that he can give his love to; that’s the only thing he is missing!

Who ever takes on this big bunny is going to be very lucky as he is adored by everyone at the rescue 


Mr McGregor- In Foster Care- Reserved

Meet Mr McGregor!

He’s 6 months old, neutered and vaccinated. Just like his brothers (Peter and Flopsy) he loves to roam around the garden. His foster mum says “they’re all used to lots of space and freedom. They can be picked up but are keen to get to their hutch and tend to struggle free when they see it. They’re used to having children and other pets around”.

Mr McGregor is looking for a Mrs McGregor to keep him company in a furever home! 


Jasper- In Foster Care- Reserved

Meet Jasper 🐰

This little chap is 10-11 months old, neutered and fully vaccinated.
He was originally bonded with Gizmo (his brother) but they now don’t get along.
Jasper loves to zoom around his foster mums house, and explore every area! Gorgeous Jasper needs a wifebun in his life, so they can explore together 💜 🐾


Winter- Main Rescue Centre- Reserved

Meet Winter!

He is 6 months old and a little timid having been separated from his brother. Once he is comfortable around you he loves his cuddles and plenty of space to binky around.

Winter is vaccinated, castrated and is now ready for a wifebun and furever home.
Do you have a lone female ready for a friend? Email us for more information 

Single Female Rabbits Available: 

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females).

Please note: In our rescue, females find homes quickly and don’t seem to stay with us for long!  We often have a waiting list for spayed females; this may not be long depending on what you are looking for, so please email us with your interest as we may have a female ready but not yet noted on the website. <3


Guinea Pig Adoption

Guinea pigs are very social animals so we always rehome in pairs or more. We do also offer a bonding service for guineas that are lonely or bereaved, to match up with one of our rescue piggies.

Guinea pig homes will need to provide plenty of space (min 5ft x 2ft for 2 guineas) in either an indoor cage or outdoor hutch.  The home will also need to provide them with some space for them to run around outside of their hutch/cage. It is preferable if they can be brought indoors in the winter months or the hutch moved to a more sheltered location (such as inside a shed).

Please read through our guinea pig care instructions and ensure you are happy with the care you will be expected to provide before applying to adopt any guinea pig/s.

If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs please email : (GUINEA PIG ENQUIRES ONLY).