Rabbits Available for Adoption

Updated November 2019

It’s great you are looking to adopt from us! Thank you for choosing to rescue an animal, rather then buying one. Bunnies are not ‘easy’ pets, and therefore we would recommend doing some research before committing to adopting.  

We do not re-home rabbits alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind.  Our bunnies are available to adopt in pairs or as a match up to single/lonely/bereaved bunnies.

An adoption fee of £75 per rabbit will be requested when adopting one of our deserving animals; this is needed to cover the cost of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis/VHD1 and VHD2, neutering, and some times other medical treatment. All adoption fees go directly back to the rescue as this helps towards the cost of more animals in need. 

Please remember that contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make great pets for young children.  They can be difficult to handle and can bite at tiny fingers poked through bars thinking they are a tasty carrot.  However, as long as you are prepared for this and accept that you may end up doing all the cleaning out etc, there is no reason not to adopt rabbits as a family pet. 

Our minimum requirement for rabbit accommodation is a 5x2x2ft double hutch, attached to a 6x8ft run. For more accommodation ideas please check out our ‘rabbit accommodation’ section, as well as our Facebook Album. You’ll also find inspiration on the RWAF, Best4bunny and Cottontails websites. 

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit/s please email us:

Additional information can be found on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TheLittlestRescue/

Rabbit Pairs Available:

Biscuit and Pudding- In Foster Care – Available

Meet Biscuit and Pudding!They’re are a gorgeous pair of bunnies with quirky characters.
Biscuit is 4 and is a small bundle of cuteness. He’s not that enamoured with being picked up but he’s a softy really. He does love a cuddle and will sit there for ages.

Pudding on the other hand is a little fidget and full of beans, especially for a bunny who’s 6! She is also the boss in their relationship. They are both friendly and love spending their time chilling out or making a mess with newspaper or hay.

Biscuit unfortunately does not like children and can be a little hutch aggressive so they’ll need a home with no small children and plenty of space. They weren’t the most outgoing  bunnies but with a little time and patience they are starting to come out of their shells. 😊

Both are neutered, fully vaccinated and they will need an indoor home. 🏡

Crispy and Molly – In Foster Care – On Trial

Crispy and Molly are 8 months old. They are very sweet girls. Both are extremely loving and would be suited to indoor or outdoor.

Single Male Rabbits Available:

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females).

**If you have a single female rabbit looking for a partner, please ensure that she is spayed and fully vaccinated against Myxo/VHD and VHD2 before enquiring about our males. We cannot proceed with bonding until these requirements have been met, this is for the safety and health of both bunnies.**

Alfie – In Foster Care – Not Ready

Alfie is looking for a wifebun to love.
He isn’t ready yet but we couldn’t resist showing him off. 🐰

Alfie is 4 months old and a sweet little boy. Alfie is looking for a indoor home. He loves his carrots 🥕 Alfie loves to chew through cardboard boxes. He loves to hide when playing. Alfie will happily nudge your leg when he’s wanting some attention and loves to groom his humans.

Single Female Rabbits Available: 

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved males).

Please note: Females find homes quickly and don’t seem to stay with us for long!  We often have a waiting list for spayed females; this may not be long depending on what you are looking for, so please email us with your interest. Our females can be viewed on Facebook. <3 

**If you have a single male rabbit looking for a partner, please ensure that he is neutered and fully vaccinated against Myxo/VHD and VHD2 before enquiring about our females. We cannot proceed with bonding until these requirements have been met, this is for the safety and health of both bunnies.**

Grace – In Foster Care – On Trial

Meet Grace!
She came into our care after being found in the local area. Sadly no one has claimed her so we’ve booked her in to be spayed and she’ll be available for bonding by mid November.

We estimate that she’s around a year old. we don’t know her history but she’s getting on very well in her foster home 

Skye- In Foster Care – Available

Meet Skye!

When she was surrendered she wasn’t in a very good state and had a huge make over on her back end to remove all the matts, faeces and straw. 
Her tail is looking a little worse for wear at the moment but once her fur grows back she’ll be as fit as a fiddle!

Maddi – In Foster Care – On Trial

Meet Maddi!

She’s a very sweet little lady. We’re unsure of her age. She was in foster care with her husbun who sadly has passed away so she’s in need of another partner.

She’s spayed, fully vaccinated and available for bonding.

Anastasia – In Foster Care – Available

Meet Anastasia, a 2 and a half year old lop.

She can be a little funny about her hutch space but when she’s out and about she loves cuddles and interacting with people.
She puts on weight easily so her new family will need to keep an eye on her diet to avoid her becoming overweight.

Dottie – In Foster Care – Not Ready

Dottie is 4 months old and has just given birth so isn’t ready yet. She’s a indoor bunny and once ready will be looking for a large set up or free roam home as Dottie is a very large girl as is still growing.

Chinchilla adoption

Meet Tequila and Chikka!

They are a pair of girls about 6 years old. Tequila likes to sit at top of the cage watching world go by. Chikka is very inquisitive & likes running around the cage. They were quite shy when they first arrived, but in foster care they have become very tame. They are now happy for you to put hand in their cage for a stroke. When let out they love having a run around on you and all your stuff!

They have previously been kept in a cage that is too small for them so would benefit from lots of exercise space. We now have a much bigger cage that we are happy to sell on to whoever adopts them. Please email thelittlestrescue@outlook.com for more information