Animals Available for Adoption

Updated August 2019

Rabbit Adoption

It’s great you are looking to adopt from us! Thank you for choosing to rescue an animal, rather then buying one. Bunnies are not ‘easy’ pets, and therefore we would recommend doing some research before committing to adopting.  

We do not re-home rabbits alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind.  Our bunnies are available to adopt in pairs or as a match up to single/lonely/bereaved bunnies.

An adoption fee of £75 per rabbit will be requested when adopting one of our deserving animals; this is needed to cover the cost of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis/VHD1 and VHD2, neutering, and some times other medical treatment. All adoption fees go directly back to the rescue as this helps towards the cost of more animals in need. 

Please remember that contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make great pets for young children.  They can be difficult to handle and can bite at tiny fingers poked through bars thinking they are a tasty carrot.  However, as long as you are prepared for this and accept that you may end up doing all the cleaning out etc, there is no reason not to adopt rabbits as a family pet. 

Our minimum requirement for rabbit accommodation is a 5x2x2ft double hutch, attached to a 6x8ft run. For more accommodation ideas please check out our ‘rabbit accommodation’ section, as well as our Facebook Album. You’ll also find inspiration on the RWAF, Best4bunny and Cottontails websites. 

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit/s please email us:

Rabbit Pairs Available:

Binky and Noah – In Foster Care – Available

Meet the two loved up buns Binky and Noah 🐾
This lovely pair have been with us for a long time and can’t understand why they’ve had so little interest!

They are aged 4-5 years old, both neutered and fully vaccinated.
Noah doesn’t like people invading his personal hutch space so we are looking for a home with plenty of space for him.
Both bunnies like to explore and enjoy showing off their funny characters! They are very affectionate and enjoy grooming each other.

These love birds are waiting for a home as lovely as they are. 💜🐰

Biscuit and Pudding- In Foster Care- Available

Meet Biscuit and Pudding!
Pudding is the wifebun aged 6 years old, and Biscuit is her ‘toy boy’ of 4; both bunnies are neutered and fully vaccinated.

Their foster mum says:
Pudding is a funny little lady, she is inquisitive and friendly and loves ripping up paper and hopping about everywhere. Biscuit is quite a quiet boy, happy to sit in his tunnel and hide. Pudding is easy to pick up and will have a cuddle, whereas Biscuit doesn’t like it. This may be because he needs his fur brushing around his bottom all the time and has associated it with being picked up. We have been trying to give him a treat each time so he knows he’ll get a reward when it’s over. They are lovely buns and both quite chilled out.

Willow and Harvey – Private re-homing – based in Yatton


Meet Willow and Harvey – a gorgeous pair of mini rex bunnies located in Yatton and available for private re-homing.
Harvey is 3 yrs old and neutered. He very friendly will come up to see you. He licks you when you give him a cuddle.

Willow is 2 yrs old and entire. She can be little grumpy until after breakfast and when she’s in season. Otherwise she’s quite timid, but relaxes into you for a cuddle.

Willow eats faster than Harvey so they are usually fed separately. They are very affectionate with each other, when Harvey is washing himself, Willow has a habit of snuggling right in to get him to give her a lick too! They also love people and are good with children.

Both are vaccinated. They are looking for a new home without other pets and with plenty of space to run and explore.

Willow and Poppy – private re-homing – based in Emersons Green


Meet Willow (grey) and Poppy (brown)!
A lovely pair of 1 year old girls, available for private re-homing from Emersons Green.

Poppy loves to scratch and dig so she will need some sort of pit or a garden she can dig in. They poop in the bedroom compartment of their hutch always have! They love hay and are eating pets at home nuggets. Their favourite veg is kale, apple, and carrot and their absolute favourite is pear. They will take it out of your fruit bowl if they could.
They have a habit of pushing their sawdust around and making mountains with it! They are cheeky and full of character and can be hard to catch but once you have them they will sit with you.
They do respond to their names!

Both are spayed and due their next vaccinations at the end of August.
Poppy and Willow don’t get along with the other rabbits in their current home, thus will need to be the only rabbits in their new home.

Dre and Shady – In Foster Care – Available

Our baby boys are ready for their new home!

Dre and Shady are brothers born on 02/05/2019. They will need to be neutered at about 16 weeks. This can be done by their new family or through us.
Both are already fully vaccinated.

They may be small at the moment, but they will grow and need plenty of space to binky and run around.

Single Male Rabbits Available:

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females).

**If you have a single female rabbit looking for a partner, please ensure that she is spayed and fully vaccinated against Myxo/VHD and VHD2 before enquiring about our males. We cannot proceed with bonding until these requirements have been met, this is for the safety and health of both bunnies.**

George – Rescue – Not yet ready

Meet George!
He’s a 7 month old lionhead who’s recently come into our care.
He still needs to be neutered and vaccinated and then will be ready for bonding.

Shera – Rescue – Available

Meet Shera!
He’s a 5 year old lop bunny.
He has had a battle with E-coli that has left him with a head tilt  He doesn’t let this get the better of him though and loves being stroked and cuddled

Single Female Rabbits Available: 

(Available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved males).

Please note: Females find homes quickly and don’t seem to stay with us for long!  We often have a waiting list for spayed females; this may not be long depending on what you are looking for, so please email us with your interest. <3

**If you have a single male rabbit looking for a partner, please ensure that he is neutered and fully vaccinated against Myxo/VHD and VHD2 before enquiring about our females. We cannot proceed with bonding until these requirements have been met, this is for the safety and health of both bunnies.**

Chinchilla adoption

Meet Tequila and Chikka!

They are a pair of girls about 6 years old. Tequila likes to sit at top of the cage watching world go by & is quite nervous. Chikka is very inquisitive & likes running around the cage. Both are friendly enough to be hand fed treats but not tame enough to stroke.
They have previously been kept in a cage that is too small for them so would benefit from lots of exercise space.

The rescue cannot provide a cage so if you’re interested in adopting these beautiful girls you will need to have your own cage already.

Guinea Pig Adoption

Guinea pigs are very social animals so we always rehome in pairs or more. We do also offer a bonding service for guineas that are lonely or bereaved, to match up with one of our rescue piggies.

Guinea pig homes will need to provide plenty of space (min 5ft x 2ft for 2 guineas) in either an indoor cage or outdoor hutch.  The home will also need to provide them with some space for them to run around outside of their hutch/cage. It is preferable if they can be brought indoors in the winter months or the hutch moved to a more sheltered location (such as inside a shed).

Please read through our guinea pig care instructions and ensure you are happy with the care you will be expected to provide before applying to adopt any guinea pig/s.

If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs please email : (GUINEA PIG ENQUIRES ONLY).