How to help

The Littlest Rescue is a small, completely self-funded rabbit and guinea pig rescue that relies on donations to fund its work and our essential neutering program.  We regularly fundraise to keep the rescue going.  This includes going to local community shows and pet awareness days as well as selling gift baskets for special occasions.  We do also have collection tins which we try to place at appropriate establishments.  If you would like to invite us to attend a show or believe you could place one of our collection tins, please contact us at:


If you would like to make a donation to the rescue, we are now able to accept donations by Paypal/card and are truely grateful for all donations.  If you would like to donate via Paypal, please click on the Donate button below:

We are currently trying to raise enough money to vaccinate all of our rabbits at the main rescue centre, it costs us £37.50 to vaccinate each rabbit (We can care for up to 100 rabbits at a time).
If you wish to donate to help us vaccinate our rabbits please make a note of this on your donation so we can make sure it goes to vaccinations, thank you. (Each rabbit has two vaccinations, combined myxo+VHD1 and VHD2).

Amazon Wish List:

The rescue has an Amazon wish list which enables supporters to send the animals donations of food, treats or toys.  If you would like to help in this way, please visit our
wish list:-

The rescue has joined so that you if sign up we will get between 1-2.5% of what you spend online donated, at no cost to you!  It costs nothing & is very simple to do. You can download a toolbar that tells you when you are on a site that will donate, includes sites like Amazon, car insurance, mobile phones & loads of sites you probably use often.  Click here to sign up!


Looking after all the animals in our care is quite demanding and we welcome volunteers who want to help out at our main rescue centre.  We also do a lot of fundraising, as we are completely self-funded, so again we are always looking for volunteers to help us out with events. Please call us on 01179 561981 or email us at for more information.


The Littlest Rescue comprises of the main rescue centre in Staplehill and numerous other foster homes around Bristol and the surrounding areas.  Fostering is hugely rewarding as it gives you the chance to help many animals in need and help them find their happy ending.  It is also a commitment and can be quite demanding.  The rescue has a ‘Fosterer’s Agreement’ that all prospective fosterers must read through and sign to agree to its terms.  This is to ensure that all the animals in our care receive the same level of care wherever they are.  If you are interested in becoming a fosterer, please email us at: