Guinea Pigs Available for Adoption

Guinea pigs are very social animals so we always rehome in pairs or more. We do also offer a bonding service for guineas that are lonely or bereaved, to match up with one of our rescue piggies.

Guinea pig homes will need to provide plenty of space (min 5ft x 2ft for 2 guineas) in either an indoor cage or outdoor hutch.  The home will also need to provide them with some space for them to run around outside of their hutch/cage. It is preferable if they can be brought indoors in the winter months or the hutch moved to a more sheltered location (such as inside a shed).

Please read through our guinea pig care instructions and ensure you are happy with the care you will be expected to provide before applying to adopt any guinea pig/s.

If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs please email : (GUINEA PIG ENQUIRES ONLY).

Pancake and Max

Meet Pancake and Max!

Pancake is aged around 1 year and Max is 7 weeks old. Both came into the rescue as single boys, and since both were lonely we paired them up. The boys are now looking for their forever home. They are cheeky and full of fun. Because Max is so young, an indoor set up would be preferable.

Lucas and Monty

Meet Lucas and Monty!

They have been in foster care for ages and we can’t understand why!
These babies are only 6 months old but need plenty of space (a 6ft hutch/cage). They’re a bonded pair and will need to be adopted together.

Tom and Jerry

Meet Tom and Jerry!

They are a beautiful pair of boys looking for a special home!
Tom is the boss and he needs extra special care as he was diagnosed with an ear infection. For the rest of his life once a month he will need to have his ear canals filled with Sonotix, and then gently massaged behind each ear. This helps to keep his ears clean and wax free.
Tom occasionally makes noises when eating or scratching. The boys need to be housed indoors on fleece and hay contained in a large box.
Tom has been signed off by our vet. 

The Quad

Meet Red, Mama, Rose and Lilly

They’re aged 18mths and are looking for their furever home. They are used to having free roaming inside a shed so a similar environment would suit them.

Aron and Asher

Aron & Asher did not get the best start to life but are doing well in foster care. The boys are brothers and aged seven weeks and are looking for a spacious home to call their own.

Liam and Noel

Meet Liam and Noel, the cutest, sweetest boys!
They are aged 2-3 years. They are long haired so do require regular brushing (and trimming during the summer months) to keep their coats tip top.