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 Contact information


FB Page – 

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For all boarding enquiries please call Bev on (0117) 9561981  (Between times of 10am-4pm ONLY)

Please note boarding enquiries cannot be made by email or facebook so please call.

For all rabbit adoption enquiries and other information please email:

Please include details of the accommodation you intend to use for the animal/s you are interested in adopting – whether it will be outdoor/indoor, dimensions of enclosure and photographs if possible. Please note that we re-home according to RWAF minimum accommodation standards.

For any rabbits requiring a space at the rescue centre please EMAIL: or CALL: 0117 9561981
It will be helpful to know as many details regarding the animal/s in need of space – age, whether neutered, vaccination status , general health & temperament info and how urgent the situation if possible.

For all guinea pig adoption/rehoming enquiries;

Phone – 07976838376  ( Guinea pig enquires ONLY )

When using this telephone contact please leave a message including your name, number and details. Please do NOT use this number as an emergency or ‘out of hours’ number.

Please include details and photographs of accommodation if adopting. If rehoming please include details of guinea pig/s for example: Group/pair/single, sex/s, age, colour etc.

For all events and fundraising ideas please EMAIL: or CALL/TEXT:07855751692

Please note we will attend all events we are invited to if we have enough volunteers to carry it out, we also bring rabbits and guinea pigs if we feel it is suitable for them. We also do child/adult educational’s and talks.


 Useful links

Accommodation ideas: Great housing ideas.  If you would like to see some amazing housing ideas for rabbits (indoors and outdoors) then feel free to follow this Pinterest board ‘Great ideas’

The website below explains RWAF accommodation standards really well and has some great links for standard size and above housing:

Cottontails: An excellent resource for all things rabbit and with informative pictures of health problems and even sexing advice, can be found on the Cottontails web site.  There is also information on guinea pig care and a dedicated advice helpline.  Click here to visit:

Guinea Pig Welfare:  A useful and informative online resource to guinea pig care, including rehoming advice and rescue centre information:

Guinea Pig Forum: Aims to provide advice, information and solutions to problems:

Rabbit House: Excellent advice and links on all kinds of rabbit housing:

Rabbit rehome: Allows rescue centres and individuals to enter details of rabbits in need of new homes.  Rabbit lovers can then search for rabbits to adopt.  Also contains useful advice and information:

Rabbit Welfare Trust:
A charitable trust fund which is registered as a charity which produces a wide range of informative leaflets and advice regarding common health and behavioural problems as well as campaigning for better conditions for pet rabbits, most notably with their ‘A Hitch is Not Enough’ campaign.  You can browse their information online or even join to receive a quarterly magazine as well as other benefits.  Click here to visit:

Spot The Bunny!

Spot The Bunny!