About Us

We are a small, completely self-funded rabbit and guinea pig rescue based in Bristol.  The main rescue centre is in Staplehill, with smaller foster homes around Bristol.  We mainly rescue rabbits and guinea pigs but also occassionally take in other small furries.  We run a small boarding service which helps a little with our costs but any donations would be greatly received, particularly towards our neutering program.  Please visit our How to Help page for more info. We offer a variety of services, please see below for details.

**Very Important Post**

The TLR is undergoing some changes, hence we haven’t been accepting many surrenders recently. But rest assured we are still committed to our rescue goals and will be back to full function very soon.
We still have animals available for adoption, with several pairs of guinea pigs and some lonely female bunnies who will soon be ready for bonding.

Here’s a message from Bev, our founder:

I have been running TLR from my home for many years now, and it’s time for me to retire. However, TLR will continue its work and plans are being made for it to move to other locations. 🏡 As of December 2019 it will no longer be located in Soundwell Road. Please continue to support us as you have been whilst we move forward with the new plans. We will keep all our supporters updated along the way.

I would love to see TLR grow from strength to strength and continue rescuing many more animals. I would like to thank everyone who has been with me through thick and thin times, supporting TLR by volunteering, fostering, fundraising and the admin team. Without all your help over the years TLR would not be what it is today! 🐰🐹

Yours faithfully,



We wouldn’t be able to carry on our rescue work without our lovely adoptees. We are always looking for adoptive parents to take on our deserving animals. Whether you are first time bunny owner, or have owned guinea pigs for years we welcome you to adopt! We understand how easy it can be to pick up a cute little fluffy from a pet store but please do think about our cute fluffies too!  We always have a wide range of rabbits and guinea pigs to suit any home! Whether it’s a match up for your lonely furry or a pair/group to welcome into the family we will never be short of animals who need a second chance to be loved! We often have a wide range of ages and personalities from 8 weeks – 10 years, from cuddly to grumpy! Please see our ‘animals for adoption’ pages for more information. We offer a lifetime advice and help service and will always be here for you.

For rabbits and chins please email thelittlestrescue@outlook.com
For guinea pigs please email thelittlestrescue.gp@gmail.com


Holiday boarding

We have a strict policy in place, all boarders must be vaccinated with Nobivac (to protect against myxomatosis and VHD1) at least 3 WEEKS before their board and vaccinated with Filavac (to protect against VHD2) at least 1 WEEK before their board. Due to the influx in Myxomatosis, and Viral Haemorrhagic disease 1 and 2 we feel this is necessary to protect boarders and our rescue rabbits. Proof should be emailed 1 week prior to stay, failure to do so will mean your booking will be canceled.
We will decline any unvaccinated rabbits from boarding.
We can supply vouchers for 20% off vaccinations if you have adopted from us or are boarding with us thanks to V4P Emersons Green. We offer a boarding service for rabbits and guinea pigs while you are away on holiday or are unable to care for them at home for whatever reason. We have hutches of all different sizes and are able to cater for most bunnies or piggies. We are currently looking to move premise so we can offer bigger and better accommodation for our boarding and resident animals. For this reason, we are currently unable to offer long term boarding, however please do get in contact if long term stays are needed as we have a team of dedicated foster carers who may be able to help care for your animals within a personal agreement between yourselves.

We will always look after your pet as if they were our own, we have dedicated volunteers who come in daily to help clean and feed our animals, and take great pleasure in making your pets stay as comfortable as possible, cuddles or no cuddles!

We work with a brilliant team of vets nearby so if your pet may fall ill or we have any worries we are able to get them the care they need, we will ask you to fill out a form before you leave with your vets details on so if we need to we can speak or visit them. All vet care given whilst on holiday would be your finical responsibility however we would always contact you beforehand to get permission, you would never come back to an unknown vet bill.

Our prices include accommodation, dry foods, vegetables/fruit and bedding.

Please contact us on 0117 9561981 for information, costs and booking details. We are NOT able to book in boarding over email or Facebook.

Re-homing your pet

We are currently unable to take in any surrendered animals. Please get in touch with the other local rescue centres. So many small animals are re-homed by their owners when their circumstances change because it seems as if there is no other choice and sadly each year over 67,000 end up in rescue centres.  At The Littlest Rescue you have the option of leaving your pet with us to find a suitable new home when re-homing becomes necessary.  We appreciate how difficult this decision can be and aim to help you through with the reassurance that your pet will be safe and happy with us until we can find a permanent loving home for them. We will always support you through your decision or help you to find a solution where possible. We often have a waiting list so please be aware and plan ahead if possible.

Bunny Bonding:

We offer a bonding service for our resident rabbits to be paired up with yours, bonding rabbits can be quite difficult and often it’s not something rabbit owners feel confident doing. I find it difficult to bond my own rabbits so we understand completely that it’s not something everyone can do. Your cute cuddly rabbit can turn into a demon fighting rabbit and thats very scary to see so we are able to offer this service for a stress free bond…we just stress instead!

Not every rabbit will get along with the first rabbit they see and sometimes it can be a lengthy process, its often best to start in a mutual place where both rabbits haven’t been before and often this can be difficult to do at home along with them living separately to start with.

Bonding can be in the depths of the unknown until we start and we will keep communications with you open throughout so we can discuss how things are going, often open minds while bonding is best as some rabbits are very fussy on their partners just like we are!

Unfortunately due to being so busy recently with bonding rabbits we are unable to do bonding between two rabbits that haven’t been adopted from us, we hope in the near future when we move into a bigger premises that we will be able to offer more bonding placements and we will be able to help bond everybun!


We offer grooming services for both rabbits and guinea pigs:

Rabbit Nail Clip: £4.00

Guinea Pig Nail Clip: £4.00

If you require a full rabbit or guinea pig groom including bathing (guinea pigs), de-matting etc, please call us on 0117 9561981.

Yours Faithfully,

Bev (Founder) and the Littlest Rescue Team!