About Us

We are a small completely self-funded rabbit and guinea pig rescue based in Bristol.  The main rescue centre is in Staplehill, with a smaller foster homes around Bristol.  We mainly rescue rabbits and guinea pigs but also occassionally take in other small furries.  We run a small boarding service which helps a little with our costs but any donations would be greatly received, particularly towards our new neutering program.  Please visit our How to Help page for more info.

Holiday or long-term boarding

If you are planning a holiday, or maybe a house move, then help is at hand for your much loved pets.  At Boarding Bunnies we can offer a home from home for your Rabbits or Guinea Pigs while you are away on holiday.  Your pet will have a dedicated hutch, access to a run and their pick of fresh fruit, veg and hay.  I will care for your pet as if they were one of my own whilst you are away.  You can rest assured that your pet will be happy here, kept fit, healthy and given lots of tender loving care.

Longer term boarding is also available which can be useful during house moves or perhaps while a new baby settles in.  Your pet will really appreciate a foster mummy and you can relax in the knowledge that they are being given the very best of care until you are ready for them again.

Our Rabbit run

A happy boarding bunny

Rehoming your pet

So many small animals are re-homed by their owners when their circumstances change because it seems as if there is no other choice and sadly each year many end up in Rescue Centres.  Having founded and run my own small animal Rescue Centre for over 10 years I saw this situation happen far too often.  At Boarding Bunnies you have the option of leaving your pet with us to find a suitable new home when rehoming becomes neccessary.  We appreciate how difficult this decision can be and aim to help you through with the reassurance that your pet will be safe and happy with us until we can find a permanent loving home for them.

Come along and see our facilities and current residents for yourself, arrange a visit today.  Call us on Bristol (0117) 9561981

Other Services

I would like to introduce my Small Animal Services to you.  I have been working with small animals for over 10 years, having founded and run a small animal rescue centre in Bristol.  I no longer own the rescue centre, but instead run a small animal boarding service, alongside a home-based rescue, so you can be assured of both my ability and my love of animals.  I am qualified in Animal science, Animal behaviour and Animal first Aid.

Boarding Bunnies not only provides small animal boarding, but we offer a full Makeover grooming service, mainly for Rabbits.  The Makeover includes :

  • De – matting of long and short haired rabbits
  • Hygienic cleansing
  • Claw clipping
  • Coat conditioning
  • Dietary management

Our makeovers are provided without the need for anaesthesia, undertaken in a home from home location.  For more information on our services please do not hesitate to contact me on 0117 9561981.

Yours Faithfully, Bev (Foster Bunny Mummy)